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At All-Rite, we are your one-stop shop for all of your houseboat parts. Since houseboats are essentially RVs that float, they require all of the same parts as RVs – which happens to be our specialty. Whether you are looking for new fiberglass siding or flooring, a custom ladder or door, better slider windows, or a larger holding tank, we can provide you with all of the houseboat parts you need.

We Can Create Custom Parts to Your Exact Specifications
The best part about our company is that we can create anything you need. We have all of the materials and equipment necessary in house, and we employ the finest engineers around. If you tell us what you need, we can bring it to life for you. This includes painting a houseboat part to match your existing color.

We Only Use the Finest Quality of Materials
Your houseboat takes a beating. From the constant water exposure to the wrath of the sun and the rain, you are going to need high-quality materials that can stand up to whatever Mother Nature has in store. At All-Rite, we only use the finest quality materials available, and we take these materials and craft them with precision to provide extreme durability in any environment.