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Specialty Vehicle Parts
All-Rite can custom manufacture virtually any product for the Specialty Vehicle Market, with a 48 hour lead time for most projects! We will build everything from your windows to your holding tanks, and we carry all of the necessary accessories to make installation a breeze. From the roof to the undercarriage and your interior, we have exactly what you need to upgrade your vehicle.

All of our specialty vehicle parts are designed and built to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Plus, due to our custom manufacturing capabilities, we offer as many options as you can imagine! Choose your color, size, shape, glass tint, and style to create a product that checks off everything on your wish list.

Specialty Vehicle Siding
Want to improve the appearance of your specialty vehicle? Our specialty vehicle siding comes in custom lengths of up to 40 feet for panels with patterns and any length for flat siding with no design. We can also create custom patterns or match what you currently have on your vehicle.

Specialty Vehicle Wall Panels
When your vehicle’s interior starts to feel dated, simply updating your walls can make a world of difference. All-Rite Custom Manufacturing offers specialty vehicle wall panels that feature decorative vinyl and will keep your walls looking brand-new. Plus, our panels are easy to clean and maintain for added longevity.

Specialty Vehicle Roof Repair
Looking to repair your vehicle’s roof? All-Rite can cut Alpha-Ply roofing material to fit your needs for specialty vehicle roof repair. The polar white color reduces heat transfer, keeping your vehicle’s interior cooler during the summer months. Plus, the material is easy to clean, resistant to rot, and puncture and tear-resistant.

Aluminum RV Roofing
If your vehicle’s aluminum roof needs to be replaced, our aluminum RV roofing is an excellent solution. This material features a 0.023-inch thickness and 100-inch width, and we can cut the roll into the specific length you need to repair your roof.

Custom Vehicle Windows and Window Parts
Whether you need custom vehicle windows for a complete replacement or custom vehicle window parts for minor repairs, All-Rite can help. We offer a variety of windows and components that can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. From slider windows and insulated windows to screens, latches, clips, seals, and tracks, we have everything you need to keep your vehicle in excellent shape.

Concession and Food Truck Parts
When you need custom concession parts and food truck parts, your imagination is your only limit. Whether you’re looking for food truck windows and doors or a sign for your new restaurant-on-wheels, All-Rite can manufacture any product you need. We build all products to your exact specifications so that you can create your dream concession stand or food truck.

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